Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Training for Baby

Jan 4th- Well at this point most of our close friends know the news, it’s nice to have it out there now and it was of course nice to tell people. I’m still waiting to tell work, with all the doctor’s appointments so far neither my boss nor manager has asked what’s up so I figure I am good to go for a few more weeks. I am definitely starting to show in certain outfits, and by that I mean anything that isn’t my baggy sweatshirt/yoga pants attire that doubles as my work clothes and home clothes since those are one in the same. I wore a short summery dress over leggings and a long sweater (and a shirt underneath, the dress winterized quite nicely actually) for New Years and I was bumping! Funny- I tried on the short dress I wore out on my Bachelorette and I think it looked pretty cute with my baby bump. Crazy to think how different things are since early August when that was, and how much more different things will continue to get.

Jan 7th- I’ve been getting back into my shoulder physical therapy, from a work-related injury from my previous job a few years ago. Once I finally left the job I continued to do the physical therapy for probably a solid 8 months but since then I stopped. The injury isn’t really better I just don’t do things that aggravate it and unfortunately one thing that aggravates it is holding babies. I feel like I am training for the most physically demanding job I’ll ever have. So I started the PT back up slowly in December and have now added about half of the exercises to the routine, and I’ve been doing them every couple of days. Also it is freezing out and I mean that almost without exaggeration, today it was maybe 10 degrees while the sun was out. So I have not been able to go out and walk and I don’t like to do the same cardio every day because it’s better for my body to cross-train. I started last week doing some of the cardio dance moves from memory from the various cardio dance workout videos I have, as well as some squats (which is from another cardio video). I’ve been hesitant to actually do a full video workout because it’s a lot of up and down and I huff and puff by the end. But I’ve slowly started to work some of the steps in and yesterday I did about half (20 minutes) of one of The Firm videos but I don’t use the weights (I never use the weights even if I wasn’t pregnant) but I like it because it incorporates some cardio dance moves, squats, and corresponding arm movements (that’s what the light weights are for that I disregard). I thought I’d wake up really sore but I was ok, so I think I’ll ride the bike today and then tomorrow do the second 20 minutes of the video.  In other news I am having trouble sleeping on my left side, I have tried to prop myself with a pillow on my back so that at least if it opt out of the side sleeping I’m at least on the pillow somewhat.

Jan 8th- I will feel a lot better when all the sweets (from New Years and Christmas) and leftover dips from New Years are gone. I hate to waste any food so I will rarely throw things out but we might get to that point soon. Chris brought some goodies to work and anything chocolate-based I put in the fridge and snack on here and there for months. I am getting back to my veggies so that’s good. I’ve been making veggie quesadillas for lunch here and there, granted they are bread, a little cheese, and a little sour cream on top, but I pack them with spinach and/or arugula, mushrooms, and sometimes tomatoes as well so I feel like the positives outweigh the negatives. Tried a new recipe the other night from one of my annual Christmas cookbooks. Every year I get the Better Homes and Garden’s Annual cookbook from Chris’s stepmom but this year I got two of them, because I asked my Secret Santa for a previous year I was missing, and my Santa delivered. So now I have two to go through and make lists of the recipes I want to make and start trying them out! It's one of my favorite January traditions.

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