Thursday, January 23, 2014

Food woes, Target coupons and Back Pain

Oct. 23rd- This evening marks my continued difficulties with food, I started to prep a new vegetarian dish for dinner, took a break for a bit, went to go back to it and literally couldn’t be in the same room as food. When Chris got home I asked him to not only put away everything I started (in the hopes that I could pick up with it tomorrow night) but also to make me ultimate comfort food- macaroni and cheese. He, of course, obliged. For me it’s really been a problem with vegetables, fruits I am ok with since I can have them as liquid form and I think the fact that they are sweet helps their cause. But I’m really having a hard time getting vegetables down which is not good since they are so important and something I usually eat a lot. (We cook primarily vegetarian meals during the week but we are meat eaters) I am finding that part of my problem is preparing the food myself, which I have read on pregnancy sites is often tricky during the first trimester. So I did get some frozen veggie side dishes the last time I food shopped and those seem to be working.
Oct.24th- I went from not being able to be in the kitchen with food yesterday to being absolutely starving tonight. I said to Chris that I think I am transitioning and he even commented on what a quick transition it was. For the most part I just want carb-y comfort foods, bagels (with fried eggs/cheese on them, of course), pasta (putting veggies into them for good measure), crackers, rice pilaf- currently obsessed with the Near East Rice Pilaf- after going through one box of it over a couple of days the next batch I made I convinced myself to put some broccoli in.

Oct. 25th- It’s funny when I went to get the pregnancy test a few weeks back, I went to CVS and used my saving card and I commented to the cashier as she rung me up “Oh I can’t wait to see what kind of coupons I am going to get now.” The reason being I read this really interesting article about Target a few years back- they were doing a, sorry for the pun, targeted marketing approach based on what people were buying and sending them coupons of items they thought the person would want.  One particular store manager got a visit from an irate father of a teenage girl where he showed the manager the coupon booklet that was addressed to his daughter-it was all baby coupons. Rightfully so the dad was upset that Target seemed to be pushing teen pregnancy. A few weeks later the father came back to the store and apologized to the store manager because he had since found out that his daughter was actually pregnant. Apparently the algorithms pick up on certain purchases and predicts pregnancy sometimes before the woman even knows it (and in this case her dad).

Oct. 29th- And my back injury has returned. Ick-I figured my chronic pain would definitely be an issue as I start to get larger but I am surprised my back has already been this much of a problem in the first trimester. Was just back to my full hour cardio routine the past few days and this afternoon on my walk my back wasn’t feeling great, I made the unwise decision to continue and finish my full walk and when I got home I instantly regretted it, put ice on it, and spent the rest of the night on the couch.

Oct. 30th- Taking is very easy today- no cardio, resting after work. Hoping not to be sidelined as long as I was when I injured my back earlier this month, which was almost a full week without any cardio. This time it is in a slightly different location in my back, since it’s not the same exact injury here’s hoping just one day of rest will do me good.

Oct. 31st- I am so lame I didn’t even make it to the 9th inning last night to see the Red Sox win the World Series- I, at least, saw the final score when I headed off to bed, as no more runs were scored in the last two innings. I even made a deal with myself that if I didn’t fall asleep right away (which I thought I wasn’t going to seeing as I took a two hour nap after work) then I would go back out and watch the end but I fell asleep immediately. Funny I don’t necessarily feel more tired. I am spoiled right now with my work situation- I work for home so no commute at all, my job isn’t stressful just brainy. So I don’t feel tired but I normally take a while to fall asleep at night and I need to read for at least 20 minutes to wind down but since I’ve been pregnant I can just go right to bed, no reading, and go right to sleep. It’s pretty nice actually other than missing out on my reading time. I’m not as dizzy as I was a few weeks ago so I should incorporate reading back in somewhere because I know once June hits I won’t have any time or brain-power to allow for light reading!
Name that Movie 

Michelle: What are you picking on us for any way? We are NOT the ones who got fat.
Christie: We're pregnant, you half-wit.
Michelle: Oh yeah? Well, I hope your babies look like monkeys!

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