Monday, January 27, 2014

Christmas and New Year's Eve

Dec. 23rd- Well I am happy to report that my pregnant status did not prevent me from doing all the baking I normally do for Christmas so that was really great. Today I probably overdid it but this is the home stretch so I went big. Usually making all these sweets isn’t that much of a temptation for me but this year I definitely want to be a Grinch and keep everything for myself. My sweet tooth is raging! I can’t even imagine what kind of baking I’ll be able to get down next year, but that’s ok. I’ll just have to see where we are at!

Dec. 24th- Christmas Eve! I’m working and not very focused but I’m still in my Christmas pjs (it’s 12pm) and I’m cranking my Christmas music. Actually had a listen morning sickness this morning which was not helped by the fact that I had a dental journal to work on first thing and it had some lovely surgical pictures. Usually dental surgery is the least offensive pictures I get but they made my stomach drop today.  Anyway anytime there is a particular occasion, like a holiday I always tend to think about how things were the year before and how they may be the following year. It’s crazy to think how much things are going to change for next year! And it’s funny to look back on Christmas last year, it was just a normal Christmas, Chris and I were engaged, no clue we’d be pregnant this year. Chris got an absolutely adorable Tom Brady jersey onesie from his Secret Santa at work yesterday which was very thoughtful since his coworkers know how much he loves his football jerseys (he gets the chance to wear them on casual Fridays). It’s so cute because it is not cotton, it really is jersey material tucked into an onesie. So cute.

Dec. 28th- I’ve been over-wearing my thin, black, maxi skirt that is made out of yoga material. I got it over the summer and I’m obsessed with it because you can wear a tank or t-shirt with it and flip-flops or dress it up a bit. And now come winter I have found that I can winterize it with thick tights and boots and a sweater. I’ve worn it to every get-together in November and December thus far. So I’m at Marshalls today doing my signature between Christmas-Birthday (the 31st) clothing shopping, which works a little different when you are pregnant but I was looking for leggings to wear with skirts and cardigan style sweaters. Found one of each and then I stumbled upon a maxi skirt in the Juniors section, very similar to mine but it was dark blue and black striped, however the fabric was cut and sown in a way on the front that the stripes were diagonal so it was really cute. All they had was a medium which didn’t quite cut it so I went to another Marshalls even though I know the stores don’t typically get the same exact merchandise, no dice. Then I remember there is a new one near my supermarket and I was headed there tonight, stopped at the new one too and also no dice. Then I came home and looked at Gap (where I got the black one), Old Navy, Delia’s and Alloy and found several of them at Alloy. So I ordered a large olive one with subtle black tie-dye and an extra-large coral colored one for later in the pregnancy! I’m hoping between my lack of work apparel and the fact that non-maternity trends right now are very pregnancy amendable (big sweaters, leggings with oversized tops) that I won’t have to actually buy much maternity clothes.

Dec. 30th- The sleeping position thing has become an issue, I knew it would. I was just hoping it’d be later in the pregnancy but I’m at the point where it is recommended that I sleep on my left side and it’s tricky for me. I read something today that made me feel a little better because, of course, my worry in the middle of the night when I’m tossing and turning is that my actions are hurting the baby somehow. I knew, vaguely, it has to do with better circulation for the baby. I looked into it a bit more and found out that although sleeping on your back isn’t great for the baby, it’s more of a detriment to you and the negative effects will kick in on your system and you’ll want to switch positions before it would be a negative for the little one . Ultimately sleeping on your back is bad for you, as a pregnant lady with new infrastructure (and occupant) in your belly. All of the weighing down on your back while your sleeping can lead to pressing on your vena cava which can lead to low blood pressure along with some other problems too. Here’s the info I found from My body is high maintenance and in addition to my ear drum damage on the left side, I also have this weird muscle injury that will not go away and it is on my left, lower back.

Dec. 31st- Today is a special day, to me I consider today a holiday more so than Jan. 1st. Although I do love having Jan. 1st off and I plan on being lazy for it. But today is my birthday and we host a party to ring in the New Year with friends and family. Again I am really happy with my energy level, especially since Chris was sick this weekend and all food prep (and food shopping) was on me. Plus the cleaning because I’m really the one who does the major cleaning, as I am the neat freak. I did a complete top to bottom kitchen clean on Saturday which was partially to do with having people over for tonight but also to do with the end of my baking marathon that is December. I really only clean what is needed during December none of the extra stuff. So I find that the weekend in between Christmas and New Year’s is a good time to do a major clean. I took today as a vacation day to party prep but also just so I’m not so crazy busy. I am chilling this morning then I’m going to work out and shower and then do the stuff that can’t be done until closer to the party. For the most part Chris and I have gotten all the stuff that can be done ahead of time accomplish over the weekend and yesterday. It’s so weird to think we are going to have a six month old next year at this time! I hope we will still do this party. Funny since Chris was sick and I did all the prep I feel like that was good practice for when there is a six month old around here next year.

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