Monday, January 27, 2014

No meatball zone

Dec.4th-You know you are pregnant when….you cry reading birthday cards for your husband at CVS. I don’t know though I guess I should be a bit more fair on this, seeing as it is the first birthday of Chris’s I am able to buy the ‘husband’ cards and it didn’t occur to me until I got into the card aisle. Plus I got him the most perfect one, it is like I wrote it. So maybe the tears were warranted.

Dec. 5th- We got to hear the baby’s heartbeat today! It was really cool. The more I go for appointments at my OBGYN the more I am happy with my decision, all the staff is really nice. Today we met our first doctor- they have five on staff and you rotate between them during your pregnancy and then whoever is on call when you go into labor delivers for you. Also the office has 7:30am appointments which is awesome, Chris was able to come with me and he was still on time for work. I start work at 7:30 so I was behind schedule but since I work an early shift having the option for early morning appointments is great because it messes with my schedule the least.

Dec. 8th- Chris had the super cute moment with the ‘we are having a baby’ written in the sand for his mom and stepdad. We probably should have just went with that for the duration. I feel like I’ve gone over the moment of telling friends and family in my head so many times that now that we are actually at that stage we both are guilty of just blurting it out like hey I’m going to get the pancakes and btw we are having a baby. (That’s pretty much how it went last night out with some friends (just sub in a dinner appropriate option instead of pancakes, not that there is anything wrong with pancakes for dinner) and how it went this morning at Chris’s birthday breakfast with the rest of his immediate family. They were all so shocked it took them a while to react to the exciting news.

Dec.9th- Just when you think you are out of the woods, I made meatballs tonight and a broccoli cheesy casserole side dish and I wanted nothing to do with either of them! So annoying, I can’t even pin-point what kind of food is off limits so cooking is really just a gamble at this point. Tonight’s menu included recipes I have made before and really like so it was really weird, frustrating, and disappointing. I’m thankful it’s cold weather season because we can use our outdoor fridge (the balcony) and they are both out of sight, out of mind.

Dec.10th- I signed up for this great supplementary program my insurance company offers cleverly called Baby Yourself. I registered online the other day (they figure out that you are pregnancy based on your insurance claims and then send you something in the mail about it) and spoke to an RN today on the phone for about 15 minutes. She was really nice- went over some stuff with me, some stuff I didn’t know-like when to start sleeping on your side (to be honest I didn’t completely catch what she said but I looked it up and I think she must have said 16 to 18 weeks based on seeing 20 weeks online). Overall she is an additional resource and is going to check in on me from time to time, as well I can call her if I ever had any questions. Also I got a free large water bottle and a great book about pregnancy (and labor although I haven’t gotten anywhere near that far in it) which are both really cool. The sleeping on my side thing is going to be an issue. They recommend specifically that you sleep on your left side- which for me is better than my right. But my high maintenance body is tricky on either side, normally I sleep on my back. Due to  my right hip pain, sleeping on my right is pretty much 100% off limits and on the left I have ear drum damage that if I find myself sleeping on my left- really bearing down on that ear I will be woken up by horrible ear pain. I am ridiculous I know. So I need to scrap sleeping on my back for the most part and go with the left. It is the better side to sleep on for increased blood flow to the baby and looking online it said the sleeping on your back can actually be bad for your back muscles and I don’t need any help in that department. So I should really try to focus on left side sleeping.

Dec. 12th- I tried Monday’s meatball and broccoli side dinner again tonight, I was a little more successful with the meatballs but no dice with the broccoli. So weird, I am normally broccoli’s biggest fan. Also I went food shopping tonight and its funny because they always say don’t go to the grocery store when you are hungry, well you definitely shouldn’t go when you are hungry and pregnant. I feel like it’s a little early in the pregnancy to have Chris go all the time from here on out but man would it save money. Of course it’s December and I do the majority of my Christmas shopping at the supermarket since most of my gifts are cooked/baked goodies but still I just want to buy everything in the store. But of course who knows what I would actually really want to eat seeing as there is still no way to predict that.

Dec. 14th- We are learning that we are pretty much just shocking people with our pregnancy news and so if they don’t seem super-excited it’s just because it hasn’t sunk in yet. We saw some close friends who are essentially family today and it was passed along to some of them by Chris’s dad (we asked people to keep it to themselves so we could spread the word through December but apparently the rules don’t apply to him!) and he was so excited. So although he didn’t listen to our request at listen he did so in an enthusiastic way.

Dec. 17th- This is pretty much how I feel all the time (This clip is the only one I could find and for some reason it's in English but has French subtitles.

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