Monday, January 27, 2014

A bit of misdirection and Pinteresting while Pregnant

Nov.25th- I got to see several of my close friends as well as my parents and one brother over the weekend and it was a nice thought thinking ‘The next time I see them I can tell them!’ I felt particularly bad for misleading one friend since she brought me back microbrew beer from her brother-in-law’s brewery. But I knew if I said I didn’t want any, after previously implying I would love some, that it would be a huge red flag. Plus she’s the mother of a 13 month old and I recall when she was eventually told us girls her exciting news she mentioned how hard it was too keep it from us the previous time she had seen us. So I know she’ll understand. Sadly I won’t be able to just stick the beer in the fridge and wait it out, since it’s a microbrew made in small batches and not some commercial beer with additives, so it should be consumed within the next few weeks. Chris and I fall on opposite sides of the spectrum (I love porters, stouts, chocolate malts and he doesn’t go nearly as dark as me) I need to find a happy home for it ASAP. But again not before we share our news because me giving away a chocolate stout is pretty much a given that I am pregnant. I’m heading into week 12 now and I am feeling good. I’ve been able to stick with my hour cardio 5 to 6 days a week- gotten back to a pretty normal split of walking and stationary bike (although today it was way too cold to walk so I did my time with Olivia Pope and crew instead for the full hour). Food wise I am pretty much normal, still a few little aversions but more so now it’s not cravings, not like full on crazy pregnancy cravings, just normal I want sweets, I want carbs. If anything I feel like I am allowing myself to indulge more in my sweet tooth now whereas in normal circumstances I try to curb it. I feel like I’m just going to eat what I want to eat, knowing I am good about getting my fruits and veggies for the day. So if I grab an extra small piece of dark chocolate out of my drawer in the fridge I’m not going to sweat it. Plus I always have an all bets are off during the holidays mentality because as long as I am still working out the way I see it part of the fun of the holidays is all the goodies!

Nov. 28th- Happy Thanksgiving! Today was good, we celebrated with Chris’s family. We planned on waiting until everyone left his mom’s house to tell her and her husband the news, since they live over an hour away we won’t see them again until Christmas. We were a bit early and they live near the beach, so we stopped over at the beach and I jumped out of the car for a quick selfie of the two of us with the ocean in the background. Then I immediately ran back to the car because it was pretty cold. Chris was out there for a little while and it was funny because I had seen on Pinterest not that long ago a pin of a couple writing their baby news in the sand and then sending that picture to people. Funny because Chris is not on Pinterest but he had the same idea. So fast forward to after dinner and after the other guests had left Chris casually pulled out his phone to show his mom a few pictures (which is something he’d do from time to time anyway) and the last picture was the ‘We are having a baby’ written in the sand. Serious points to my hubby on that one! They were really excited. It was really nice to share the news with the first of our family. It definitely seems more real as we get into the beginning of the second trimester and start telling people about it. Funny thing when I was getting ready- tried on first sweater, we both agreed I looked pregnant (not super pregnant but I definitely have a little belly going and that’s unusual for me), second sweater same conclusion, third sweater I think I am good, and Chris says, 'I give up you still look pregnant!' I said it is ok it’s only a few pounds no one will be looking and if they do they’ll just think I have already given up on my looks post-wedding J

Nov.29th- I mentioned Pinterest in the previous post which reminds me of my Pinterest/Pregnancy thoughts. So when you are pregnant is seems you have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest. Normally I have a full on obsessed which it so strictly a love relationship, but one of the main reasons I am on there is for recipes. In the first trimester when I often didn’t want to be in the same room with food, going onto my Pinterest home page was not a good idea. At all. I tried a few days in a row and decided it was best to take a week or two off from it- all the different foods, decadent dessert pins right next to a healthy week night dinner, made me so nauseous. And now that I am out of the nausea stage and moving into the ‘I’m pregnant I can eat whatever I want’ I’m back to loving Pinterest but I just want to immediately eat everything I see on there, more so than normal.

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