Friday, February 14, 2014

We got a mover and shaker in there!

Feb 5th- I feel like I have been slacking a bit pregnancy blog wise but man I feel busy overall. I have been working overtime which is great, I love the time and half pay. I’ve been trying to really tune up my Hubpages blog, update some articles, split some into two if they are too long, add pictures and YouTube videos to liven others up etc. I just want to get all the articles on there as up-to-date as possible before the baby comes. I’m not really sure how much blogging I am going to be doing post-pregnancy, I don’t want to go into it with unrealistic goals, so we’ll see. I’ve been cooking some new recipes which is nice, doing some stuff around the house. It’s been so cold and snowy this winter and I am so glad I work from home but I am definitely a bit of a shut-in lately. But even so I feel busy with work, overtime work, managing two blogs, working out, cleaning, cooking, etc. I like to think I’m a very productive shut-in.  I’m making some progress on my pre-pregnancy Leah-centric to-do list. My name change is almost complete, we are scheduled to get our taxes done (which with then lead to car shopping), I’m still working on wedding pictures- putting together some albums for our wedding party, printing out some larger copies to display around the condo. I did cave and start reading a more fun book than Crime and Punishment, but I am half way through it and still picking it up from time to time. I vow to have it done by the time this baby comes!


Feb 11th- For a few weeks now I have been questioning whether I am feeling the baby move in there. I’m right in the time when I should be feeling him/her, the doctors told me between 18-22 weeks and I’m at 22 weeks now (I feel like now that I am further along it’s getting harder to keep track). So the last few weeks I’ve been slightly anxious about when I am going to start to feel the little one. I know there is nothing to worry about, the heartbeat has always been great each time we have gone to the doctors. Plus we saw the baby move its arms in reaction to the ultrasound we had a few weeks ago, well that was probably a month ago now. It was the trippiest thing, there the baby is on the screen, clear as day moving around, but I couldn’t feel it actually happening.  The heartbeat and the ultrasound have helped to assure me things are all good in there. Plus I have a bad stomach, so I feel like there is a lot of activity normally going on in there (rumbling etc) when I am not pregnancy so I was wondering if I was chalking up the baby’s first little movements to my normal stomach activity. Well today was definitive! I was lying down reading, dedicating a little pre-dinner time to reading Crime & Punishment, and Chris came home from work and was hanging out with me and I felt the baby moving in there. So I had him put his hand on my belly and he didn’t feel it, went back to chit-chatting about our days and the baby moved again. So this time I put his hand back on there and he said “That’s not you?” and I confirmed that it wasn’t me. It was a nice moment and proof that the baby enjoys classic novels. We have a scholar on our hands folks.


Feb 14th- Happy Valentine’s Day! My first Valentine’s day as a wife, but in the grand tradition of our independence-based life together Chris is actually going to be snowmobiling this weekend. So we had our Valentine’s day last  night, our tradition is to cook together. We made a new recipe from one of my new cookbooks, a peach-glazed pork chop with sriracha which is cool because I’m been meaning to incorporate it into my pantry and now I am the proud owner of a bottle of it. The pork chops were really good which is a meat triumph for me, since meat and I haven’t been on the best of terms lately. I also made a chicken and white bean chili in the crock pot Sunday and I have eaten that twice this week- yea protein! Also I’m one step closer to cooking a full chicken, which is a pre-baby goal of mind, since I used bone in chicken for this recipe. This is a big step for a gal that is grossed out by meat. Chris gave me my traditionally dark chocolate valentine’s assortment from the local house of candy so tonight I will have my own little Valentine’s day celebration with the first disc of the BBC’s Sherlock and some chocolates. I always savor my v-day chocolates, eating one day until they are gone, but let’s see how long that lasts in my new condition. I feel good food-wise this week, lots of fruits and veggies and I have even incorporated V8 fusion so I have a glass of that a day for an extra fruit and vegetable serving. So I am allowed to have some chocolate with Cumberbatch tonight J

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