Thursday, February 6, 2014

Body Image and 'It might be time for you to get your own blankets'

Jan 26th- I’ll admit it I’ve become a little obsessed with my growing bum and thighs. I don’t want to say I’m being self-absorbed about it just more so self-aware but maybe that is just semantics. Here’s the deal and I know this sounds obnoxious but this is the most weight I have gained in my life which I know is no reason to complain and I’m not complaining it’s just a weird thing to see the additional weight on my body. Out of context saying my pregnancy is the first time I’ve gained weight sounds obnoxious but I will say I have gained 15 pounds before once or twice and now I am over that mark so I am new territory. Also I’m not one of those ‘I can eat whatever I want and I never exercise’ people who are either lying or deserve a punch in the face. I’m in the category of bad stomach on top of lactose intolerance which equals me being on a somewhat restricted ‘diet’ all the time and if you have read previous posts of mine you’ll know I take my daily low-impact cardio pretty seriously. So a normal weighted gal is only supposed to gain about 25 pounds in her pregnancy and I think at this point I am over 15 pounds and half way through so I am just a little worried I am going to gain too much. I just don’t want the baby to suffer and I don’t want my physical health to suffer with extra, unnecessary weight. And yes being perfectly honest I just don’t like the way it looks!

Feb. 3rd- My mom bought me a body pillow, a snoogle, ridiculous name-yes, ridiculous looking pillow- yes, great gift to get a pregnant gal in your life- yes. I’ve been adjusting to it for about a week now and it has definitely helped me get comfortable while sleeping. But it’s rather large and takes up its own square footage in our bed and we have a California king size. I honestly can’t imagine trying to use it in a bed smaller than a regular king. Now flashback to before I was even pregnant where Chris and I joke with each other that sometimes the other is guilty of doing the ‘tuck and roll’ in the middle of the night leaving the other left out in the cold. It’s an unintentional asleep move of trying to reposition oneself and tucking in the blankets and rolling to the other side of the bed leaving your partner blanket-less, cold, and alone. We have both been guilty of it on various occasions. Flash forward now to this morning we get up and the bed is in complete disarray. Turns out the pregnancy pillow only furthers the tuck and roll maneuver as it takes up a lot of blanket surface area itself. I suggested to Chris he get an individual blanket and he agreed he is going to tuck one away far from me and my snoogle.

The snoogle in all it's glory, and yes I also wear matching silk pajamas and smile while sleeping.

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