Thursday, February 6, 2014

More Food Issues

Jan 18th- Well I’m not winning any pregnant women awards tonight. Went out to dinner and completely forgot I have new dietary restrictions, ordered a salad with unpasteurized cheese on it and a steak that was still mooing. I picked the cheese off the salad and had about two bites of the most cooked, outer portion of the steak and then asked for a box for it figuring I can cook it more so at home. Definitely didn’t bring my A game to dinner with me.

Jan 20th- Still plagued with cooking, I made a paella today which I have never made before (I substituted soy beans for regular peas since peas are the one vegetable I truly hate) did the prep, threw it all in the crockpot, and wanted nothing to do with it when it was ready. What is wrong with me? It’s frustrating, but I think it’s safe to say the culprit is meat. I don’t really eat much meat so I guess it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that I don’t want much to do with it now that I am high maintenance tummy wise.

Jan 23rd- Yesterday was a little rough, I had a bad night’s sleep and I think I overdid it working out the previous day so I woke up in pain and very tired. Slept in a bit and started work a little late which no one seemed to mind about, I still haven’t told my boss and manager I am pregnant but I really think I should soon. One of the advantages of working from home is they can’t see my growing belly. Overall I feel very spoiled to work from home in general, but especially while pregnant. I think it’s a beneficial thing for my employer as well because since I have access to my work 7 days a week (we can work anytime M-F 7am-6pm to make up time outside of our regular schedule, but they do like if you stick to your set schedule as much as possible) I haven’t had to take any personal time for pregnancy related appointments and illnesses. Yesterday I probably would have just taken a sick day if I still worked from the office, but I ended up working the majority of my regular hours in my pjs and promptly went back to bed after I finished up.  Now I just need to tack on a half hour to Thursday and Friday to get my full forty hours.

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