Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Week 38 Update

The home stretch!
Still feeling really good which is pretty amazing and I know I am lucky to still be feeling good. The most trouble I have at this point is sleeping comfortably through the night and since I know a full night's sleep is going to be missing from my life coming up soon I am ok with this symptom, especially since I can catnap. And catnap I do. Also I need to elevate my legs a lot in order to keep the blood flow to my toes, otherwise my legs swell and it's uncomfortable. 
We went to the doctor almost two weeks ago and had the final ultrasound done. The baby was being camera-shy (he/she gets that from me!) so when the technician toggled to the 3-D format to get us a nice facial picture the baby was not cooperating, hands in mouth the whole time. So no 3-D picture but we can wait seeing as we are going to meet the little one soon enough. I was surprised to hear from the doctor that the estimated weight of the baby then was only a little over 5 pounds, even though that is totally normal at the week count we were at I thought the baby would be bigger especially taking into consideration that at the end of March another doctor (they rotate in this practice so we see different ones for the various appointments) commented that the baby would be big. But it just goes to show that you can't take too much stock in a one-off comment. Since the baby is only about 5 pounds I do hope we make it to/near the due date (June 10th) so the baby packs on a few more pounds and is a nice healthy weight upon arrival.
This was taken on Mother's Day before we heading out for a walk. Loving that one pair of my shorts fit and some of my favorite comfy t-shirts still fit over my ever growing bump.

At this point, and hopefully I am not jinxing myself, I am pleasantly surprised with how well my body has handled being pregnant. I've heard that chronic pain and pregnancy can be a rather uncomfortable combination and I always just planned on it being a tough experience. I remember saying once to Chris that 'being pregnancy was going to be...' and as I said 'challenging' he said 'terrible' in context of my normal, everyday pain. October was definitely rough with throwing out my back and I still have this low, low back pain localized to the left side that acts up after cardio-walking but it's nothing that ice and my regular chiropractor appointments can't minimize. I know a huge reason why I have had success is due to my low stress work and because I get to work from home. It's crazy to think how things work out, all for a reason seeing as my forced career change from my previous work was a very hard blow to suffer. Looking back I know that job was way too demanding and stressful for someone with my pain situation and I know being pregnant and working that job would have resulted in a much different pregnancy for me. 
In terms of the master to-do list, things are looking good. I'm working on a mellow playlist to load onto Chris's iPod that we can play during labor and delivery. I was and still am on the fence as to what kind of music I want to listen to while in labor. I prefer faster-paced rock and metal for the most part but I'm not sure if I'll want to listen to that while dealing with labor. We are not very high-tech when it comes to devices so we both just have old iPod shuffles that can't handle more than one playlist. So my plan is to make a mellow playlist on Chris's shuffle and then if I have time a more rocking one on my iPod then bring both and see what I am in the mood for. The hospital bag is packed, as much as it can be and Chris even put it in his truck the other day. We'll need to throw some additional items in a tote when we are heading out but most everything is in the bag already. Chris installed the car seat and I threw together a basic diaper bag to leave in the trunk since we got a new one at the shower and hand-me-down, I figured might as well just have one in the trunk  at all times (for the first few months we are only going to have one vehicle that works to drive the baby around but in a way that makes things simpler because we know the baby will only be in that one car). Stuff around the condo and in the baby's room is pretty much done. I'll plan to do some more organizing if time allows but if not, no big deal.  I've been reading up on labor and delivery, as well as general infant care and I plan to read up on nursing as well. My thoughts on reading about the whole nursing thing are if I get to it I get to it but otherwise I'm much more of a hands-on learner so it's not until I actually have the baby that I will really learn and I know they will give me plenty of help and advice in the hospital.
Food-wise I feel like the bottomless pit, even if I don't feel particularly hungry I just want to eat and eat. Still not really having any cravings, a few weeks ago I woke up in the middle of the night craving Gatorade. Now one would think this is because I'm not getting enough hydration, but I drink around 100 ounces of water a day, which is crazy. I think the need to quench my thirst may have to do with the whopping dose of thyroid hormone I am taking since I know it can cause dry mouth. I bought the powder mix of Gatorade and have been making batches of it and have gone through the majority of it in a few weeks. 
Baby J is pretty active in there, although I suspect he/she is running out of room. At this point I feel like we are bonding when he/she kicks me and I usually rub my belly where I can feel the baby kicking. It generally makes me laugh and reminds me to talk to the baby. We are almost finished reading 'The Phantom Tollbooth' and I might even have time to start the first Harry Potter before the big arrival. At this point I'm not really in a hurry to deliver, I'm still comfortable, the weather isn't too hot (yet) and I'm enjoying the quiet time.

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