Thursday, April 24, 2014

Week 32 Update

Well technically as I am writing this I am starting my 33rd week which means I’m entering my ninth month which was cause for a little panic attack this morning. I feel like we are on the right track in terms of accomplishing things but I feel like there is still so much I want to get done before the baby arrives. I’m working on a separate baby shower post but that has come and gone and was great. The reason I haven’t been writing much was because I think it’s really important to write out thank you cards as soon as you can and I focused on those during work downtime the past two weeks, they are all written and sent out! I am also working on a nursery post and might even detail one of the DIY projects in my other blog site, which I have been seriously neglecting. I have one science article that is almost ready and luckily a non-science article that is ready to post to use when I have been particularly dormant just so I’m still active on there. At this point there is some science content that I would have liked to have researched and wrote about on this blog pertaining to both the developmental biology of the baby and the science behind pregnancy that I just don’t have time for but that’s ok. The most important stuff is baby prep at this point, everything else is gravy. We took our prenatal class and have an infant CPR class scheduled, we ran out of time in terms of taking an infant care class but hopefully we can look up and read up on what we need to. We are scheduled for our whooping cough vaccines and I met with the pediatrician we are planning on going with, so I feel like the major stuff is taken care of. The paperwork for the baby has been sent off to the hospital and I have spoke with my HR contact person regarding my maternity leave so everything is underway. Next up on my to-do list is to write out my birth plan and figure out what I need to pack in our hospital bags. I also plan to continue to look over the all the information we got from our birthing class.
We’ve been very busy in the condo the past two weeks, working on the art project in the nursery and doing our last (big) home improvement- pulling up the carpet in our living room and hallway and putting down pergo floors. It came out really nice and I’m so glad we got to it before the baby’s arrival. It was the last major home reno on our original list (there are still more things on the list, of course, but this was the last big undertaking) so I’m so happy to have it done. The baby’s room is still a mess- all the shower gifts are in various places, tucked away pre-floor project (yes there are some in the second bathroom tub!) but before we did the floors I was able to wash almost everything we got from the shower with the baby-appropriate detergent and put them away in the baby’s dresser. The floors need a little more work and then we'll be free to focus solely on getting the nursery organized. 
                Knock on wood, I’m still feeling really good, decent amount of energy heading into the final stretch, still able to do about an hour of cardio Monday-Friday.  I definitely need to rest more, but sometimes it’s just a matter of lying down for 15 minutes, not even sleeping but just elevating my legs and chilling for 15-20 minutes after I’ve been out somewhere or worked out. I'm still doing my regular cooking, cleaning, and errand running so that is nice. I don’t feel totally out of control eating-wise and I haven’t had any crazy cravings yet. I thought at this point I would wake up starving in the middle of the night but that has only happened a few times. And emotionally I feel pretty good, thought I’d be all over the place mirroring how I felt in the first trimester but so far not too many emotional outbursts! I feel excited and anxious most of the time which I think might be trumping the fatigue.

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